All our lives we are made to believe that life is just the way it is and our job is to fit in. We need to play it safe, we need to obey the rules, we need to learn to compromise, we can’t chase after our dreams because we are not smart enough, rich enough, talented enough or worthy enough.

This is terrible advice!

When we sweat for something, something that may look way far and way too difficult to achieve, yet we don’t give up, instead we embrace the discomfort and say to ourselves that, “Yeah! I will do it anyways because it makes me happy!”, when we are willing to take big risks to achieve what we want, and when we push ourselves to the limit, with utmost discipline, dedication and effort, it is then that we realise that life is more about the journey and less about the destination.

We experience new things, meet new people, learn stuff which we never knew about, start loving some of it and even decide to do some for the rest of our lives. It is then, that we realize what has been missing from our lives. Every discomfort we feel is an opportunity hidden in disguise and when we decide to go through it, we always come out stronger than ever before, and with that, we take memories and experiences with us for the rest of our lives.

Remember the people who say to you that you can’t, are the ones who themselves have failed at their dreams, they may not necessarily want the worst for you but they just might be to afraid see you fail, which brings me to another one of my ideologies,

"you can never fail at achieving your dreams unless you quit trying"

You are already living the dream if you are trying hard to pursue it as you are doing what you love, all day.

I believe it is the things in life that are undetermined that make our lives the most interesting and worth living, with your life moving so fast, so full, you won’t even have time to process it.

So keep working hard, do what you love and keep on doing things that are out of your comfort zone.

Let this little snippet be an inspiration for you and for me whenever I read this.

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