This would be just a short update primarily because I don’t feel like writing a blog (well who does? It’s not like anybody reads the crap I write, but the thing is once you get your ass on the chair, determined to write all the blogs for the entire month in one go, you actually start enjoying the stuff. You want to be better at it and want to be the next James Clear, due to which you end up completing only 25% of your work which leaves you again with a todo list and burden at the back of your mind that you’ve got to still complete your blog work. Sigh!! The sweet irony of enjoying and hating the same stuff at the same moment) and also because things uptil now were mostly uneventful.

Gonna start of by telling about my cEP [*] which is still in the making. Did I mention that I have sat for hours thinking about what can and cannot go wrong and what border cases am I leaving yet something or the other keeps popping up that crumbles all my hopes of ever getting the cEP merged?

Apart from that I hardly know any of my fella GSoC mates who has successfully merged the cEP. (I am too lazy to find out whether Boxuan Li (@li-boxuan) has merged the cEP before this date by which I mean off the record I completely fake the dates. I never deliver my blogs on time 😏 and if you are an on the record type of person, you can take it as a prophecy that he will be the first one to get his cEP merged.

Getting a great amount of help from Satwik (@satwikkansal), my primary mentor. He keeps emphasizing upon the fact that the coding would be a fast process but whats important is to create a well defined, non-ambiguous idea first and he may be right in many ways. I often find myself wasting hours figuring out that the code i just wrote won’t work for a border case and I’ve got to change it now but the fact that most border cases don’t turn up just by thinking and not doing anything is a matter of concern too. What we need to do is find is a middle ground somewhere over here and I am writing all this crap just to covey that I am turning head over heels nuts and sick as parrot over writing and editing the cEP.

The gitmate-bot puking over my cEP every now and then with 10s of comments, me not being able to get the dependencies for MarkDownBear installed correctly and actually outsourcing that stuff from Nitanshu (@nvzard). He has literally been running MarkDownBear over my PR and giving me with gists with the fixed code which I copy with no shame. Thank you Nitanshu, you are an awesome guy and may the guys from remark rott in hell as I tried every other thing to get the dependencies right. With my second Pull Request for the cEP also about to go unicorns,



and no ray of hope of it getting merged anytime soon, I am starting to think I should start with some coding on the side too, should probably talk to Satwik about it. I can see the org’s guidelines “of your cEP getting merged before the coding phase” go down the drain pretty smoothely.

Till that time got a hold of what is happening with the mobans repo and how most of the dependency related stuff is being generated with the help of that. Solved a few issues too here and there. But mostly understood a tonne of dependency related stuff from Virresh (@Virresh). Its actually a very clever way to generate files like, requirements.txt and CI configuration using moban which is just a command line jinja2 parser.

All in all I am happy with whatever I am doing, happy to be around such awesome people doing amazing stuff and am just glad to be able to work my way through it, tackling one problem after the other.

[*] for newbies to the blog, more about what is a cEP over here