Well, here I am after a stressful week on whether I am going to pass this phase or not. Nothing reasonable had been merged by me in this phase. Even for my other GSoC mates, everyone was in a sense of doubt and confusion and had some reason or the other why their mentor or John might fail them.

Our bond with the other GSoCians



The good news is we all passed (atleast my group of friends). We have formed this special bond over this short period of time. We have almost equal level of knowledge but about different things (for eg. Virresh(@virresh) is our dependency, CI and moban genius while Vaibhav(@RaiVaibhav) can tell you about any module you need to use from the coala core) but the most fun part is that most of our discusssions include decoding John’s cryptographic reviews and comments on each other’s PRs or messages. We hate the same people and we adore the same people. We help each with the knowledge we have and I really think that I would have remained dumb struck or wasted so many hours figuring different things that pop up every now and then if it weren’t for their help.

How I feel about people other than my GSoC mates

What I feel is we’ve got some pretty badass people in this org. I really miss Makman(@Makman2) and as referenece by Palash(@palash25) his lucid and articulate explanations in comparison to ahem… (mentioned above). Still he replies within 24 hours whenever I am stuck with a problem and its like something livens up inside of me. Its crazy that how small things like that can affect other people in such a way. I mean any of us can give our lives for Makman yet we begin to despise others yet none of them either did any big gesture of any hostile or loving nature towards any of us.

Next thing, speaking of my mentor, I feel like I have got the best one. Satwik(@satwikkansal) really understands the problems I tell him and tries to guide me in the right direction and propose plausible solutions for almost all my queries. Most of all I am greatful that he is responsive unlike the feedback I have been getting from others telling me about how their mentors don’t reply to their doubts for weeks. He checks his gitter almost every day and replies to my queries and we have a dedicated time slot on Sunday for major discussions. Really appreciate this and when you see your mentor dedicated to you and your project so much, you just don’t feel like dissappointing him in any way.

I really feel coala could use a lot more active contributors. I see a lot of newcomers fondling about newcomer issues but I see only 3-5% of them sticking around for more. And it pains me to see so many long time contributors not contributing any more to coala. I guess a lot of things would be sorted about my project about extracting metadata about bear settings if a lot of them would have been active. I can only imagine how many people would be contributing to those really large organizations like linux or python so that we see a new major release every now and then.

Speaking of my Project



As the the tagline of the post says I built a lot of stuff in the last few weeks of the last phase (stress coding) and the beginning of this phase (just cause I was in the flow) and I was able to show that the green mode works. I went on ahead creating the lite-mode and other stuff too and just didn’t ask for reviews as a lot of stuff was still broken, border cases uncovered and tests missing. It may lead to my Pull Requests piling up near the end but its what it is and I am just going with the flow, enjoying each and every moment of it. I mean pure hacking and coding and building stuff as quickly as possible, is what we programmers live for isn’t it? I know I will face the consequences of my actions where I will spend days writing test cases (oh! the dreaded tests. I am sure they are nightmares for anyone who codes) but they are things that a program couldn’t live without either, if its meant to be used by the masses.

Something apart from GSoC

Reserving this for another post. Will link it here once it’s updated. It’s just I spent two continuous days, of constant hacking adding a feature for this blog itself and the end result came out to be pretty bad (It was not absolute 0 but its nothing to brag about either). Well you can’t expect to be a master at whatever you are doing in just one go. (And probably also because I have forgotten whatever the heck I did)

Till then, go ahead and challenge yourself each and everyday!