This would be an unusually short blog post, the last and final coding phase is about to end and I am still hooked up on those aggregating files field of a Section object into globs. I just can’t seem to make that work and I am constantly writing, re-writing, fixing bugs but as the tagline says its completely frustrating for me when that happens when you just go on and code without mapping out first what you need to accomplish. Speaking of which don’t even mention that throbbing pain I have above my left eye-brow, got diagnosed with an acute case of Sinusitis to which I can’t take any medication to, as its as good as taking sleeping pills.

I am not going to ramble anymore about my project as I have reserved all the rambling for the wrapping up blog post and the technical details would be rambled about over here in this snippet. Classes have although begun, they are pretty non existent, they have not gotten into the flow and most of the stuff that’s taught is just kiddish or revision from the previous courses.



Yeah right seriously, like that helps. Where do these aholes get the idea that we remember even a single bit from out past semesters??

I am racing up against the deadline currently in order to do enough amount of work so that I atleast pass this phase as it seems quite clear that I won’t be completing everything that I rambled upon in the cEP. Anyways that’s too much rambling in a single blog post about me, that I rambled about things in the past or will ramble about things in the future but won’t ramble about anything in this blog post (noticing that I am still rambling) so I will end this ramble, right over here!

Adios amigos, better get back to work. Till then, don’t ramble too much.